Strawberry Champagne Jellies

Strawberry Champagne Jellies

Strawberry Champagne Jellies

Strawberry Champagne Jellies


Perhaps you have in the fridge left Paul bottle good champagne, with Prosecoor any other kind. There is a good recipe, where will this Champagne.

I really like this plan is easy to prepare desserts, jelly texture is quite pleasant and sometimes only such dessert can please the spirit. And this dessert with champagne and berries is very good, and not necessarily for a very festive occasion.

It turns out such a bright taste of champagne and pleasant sour berries. By the way, you can use fruits, everything except pineapple and Kiwi, acid, which prevents the gelatin to do his job. And yet, change the gelatin boldly vegans agar-agar (in the correct proportions) and make everything the same.



  • Champagne — 300 ml
  • Gelatin — 6 sheets
  • Strawberries — 100 g


First in a small amount of champagne soak gelatin (leaf need to chop). Take as much as indicated on the package and per your fluid. While it is cooking, because the berries: my and cut large. I cut the strawberry stem, making a flat platform, later I will explain why.

Now put the saucepan with gelatin on the plate and keep on low heat until itmelts. No need to boil or overheat, just wait until the gelatin will disappear and the liquid becomes homogeneous. Remove from the heat and pour the restcold champagne. Jumble. And pour into a glass with spout (you can leave in a skillet).

Neat way of serving up to almost liquid forms. Here you can use a la carteor one big. In that pile is irrelevant, it can be silicone moulds, cups, mugs, etc.Next, put the right amount of berries and fruits and you refill the liquid if necessary.

Strawberry in forms

Strawberry in forms


The berries float to the surface. Because I had a large strawberries (one in the form) that I wanted the berries nicely stood in the jelly. To do this, I cut off the small platform and top covered shovel. So Berry seated in position horizontally and vertically.

In such a situation, put the jelly in the fridge for 34 hours, ideally overnight. To remove — just omit the 510 seconds the mould in a cup of hot water, then turn the mould on a plate. Very simple and very tasty!

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