6 important facts about sugar

6 important facts about sugar



Whether from cane or beet sugar comes into your body each day. And included composition, glucose is the main fuel for the muscles and the brain. It’s time toget acquainted with an important friend.

The word «sugar« is not a single substance, but a decent group of chemical compounds from the family of carbohydrates: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, and so on. Their family signa molecule of glucose. In fact, before her and splits in your body contains sugar food. And excepted glucose is sent to the cells in the form ofpure energy.

50 g sugarmaximum safe for human‘s health daily dose. «Oh 12 teaspoons I don’t exactly osilju!»rasslabish’sja you. And, most likely, obmanesh’sja: who estimates that in developed countries, the consumption of sugar exceeds the permissible limitin 25 times. The average inhabitant of Germany approximately 93, swallows white death per day, Russia100 g, Switzerland115 g, United States-up to 214 grams.

A significant portion of the sugars hidden in products of industrial production: sausage, sauces. For example, one tablespoon of ketchup contains about 4 grams of sugar. And four lozhechkah Grandma’s jam it had almost 30 g.

Sugar is not only sweet foods. In cereals, Luka, kefir and sauerkraut cabbage they too present. And the crust for roasted meats says that sugar molecules when heated to take reaction with molecules of protein that’s appetizing formed Brown polymers.

To ensure the physiological needs of man is sufficient sugars contained in fruits and vegetables; added sweeteners are not needed by the body in any quantity.

The contents of regular sugar is of the simplest carbohydrates are disaccharides.Hitting you in the mouth, they dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood, which is not cool. Fruits, legumes and grains contain carbohydrates more complexpolysaccharides that are broken down more slowly, without threatening your health.

Cane sugar

Brown cane sugar has the reputation of being more useful productMole, he pressed. In fact, his production is as follows: cane syrup is boiled down, separating crystals from bacteria, fungi and inadvertently caught up in Chan bugs (and rightly so).In the process it turns dark brown liquidmolasses. Itthen merge and peeled sugar crystals. And talk about what Brown frienddecent source of important micronutrients, nothing more than hyperbole: to get a semblance of usefulness, I’d have to throw him in buckets.

Sugar is included in the recipes of many dishes, for exampleViennese wafers — cheap and easy recipe


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