Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic


Cook Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic is easy. Actually, you and Cook will not, because they themselves are the semifinals! 
The more you need nothing at all for them:
  • small-sized tomatoes (cherry or small «cream«)
  • Salt
  • dried herbs
  • vegetable oil
  • garlic



My tomatoes, wipe dry and cut in halves or quarters (depending on size). If the flesh they heavily watery remove it. For Sun-dried tomatoes are ideal fruits with «tight« Center. Not so to cotton fiber, but not quite so much juice it.

Baking parchment lay and lay it on it pomidornye pieces. Spread densely to each other, cut up. Sprinkle with salt and sugar (sugar need necessarilydries tomatoes are much more acidic) and put in a heated to 430 F oven. Immediatelyswitch off the oven, it will half centimetres by ten and go to sleep. While you watch the dreams, the oven will cool down gradually, and tomatoes graduallydyed. Just be sure to make sure that the oven is not slammed shut, otherwiseget pomidornye embers. Lock the door somehow, that there was a backlash.

In the morning wake up, divide the tomatoes in small jars, sprinkled favorite dried herbs (Rosemary, thyme, oregano, Basil), put in each jar of clove or two of garlic and pour the vegetable oil. Optionally, add chilli. Everything. Than not Italy?

Sun-dried tomatoes can be used for cooking Bouillabaisse Soup

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