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Cedar vodka — new recipes

Cedar vodka — new recipes   Cedar tincture prepared at home on moonshine is used for preventive purposes in various diseases. Use pine nuts have long proved. They contain vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E, various amino acids, essential oils, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and have a lot of nutrients and trace elements needed by […]

Roses Petals Liquor — drink recipes

Roses Petals Liquor — drink recipes   If you like sweet liqueur, then you’ll love this recipe. The petals of a tea rose is very fragrant, have a delicate sweet delicate flavor. Prepare this easy pleasant drink simply at home — all the ingredients are available. If near your home growing bush of this extraordinary rose […]

Mandarin liqueur — simple easy recipes

Mandarin liqueur — simple easy recipes   Mandarin liqueur with aromatic spices is a wonderful Christmas gift for friends and family.

Juniper brandy — easy healthy recipes

Juniper brandy — easy healthy recipes   Juniper brandy — miraculous tincture with the scent of woods and meadows. Juniper Berry not only give their slightly spicy, sweet and resinous taste your drink, but will make its medicinal (enemy of colds and stress).

Rhubarb Vodka — easy recipes

Rhubarb Vodka — easy recipes   A glass of flavored Rhubarb Vodka is the perfect completion of the evening. A big plus of this drink that for its preparation need just 4 ingredient.