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Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple   Apples in caramel—recipe is very popular at the same time—very simple and insanely delicious!

Apple Pie — kids recipes

Apple Pie — kids recipes   Each mistress and everyone will certainly find a pastry with a prescription of the perfect apple pie that you can bake on memory all year and for any occasion.Apple Pie is the easiest way to recycle Apple harvest year, the easiest way out of a situation, when the tea is […]

Apple + hell

Apple + hell Strange, at first glance, the combination of flavors sometimes give a stunning result. An unusual mix of sharp horseradish and sweet apple — what you need to a simple meal into a festive. The duo of apples and horseradish confidently acts of any proposed circumstances. With this combination of foods you can […]

Horseradish and apple salad with beef

Horseradish and apple salad with beef   Very familiar products produces attractive Horseradish and apple salad with an unusual taste.

Honey Apple Cake

Honey Apple Cake   Honey Apple Cake was very delicious and very tasty. Apples can be put any. Try to make this cake will not regret!