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Meringue Cookies — easy dessert recipes

Meringue Cookies — easy dessert recipes 

Berry sauce foie gras

Berry sauce foie gras   Probably the most spicy and unusual way of cooking Goose liver, you will love! Very good recipe for a romantic dinner.  

Berry Tart — dessert recipes

Berry Tart — dessert recipes

Berry frappe — quick and easy recipes

Berry frappe — quick and easy recipes   For cooking frappe one can use any fruit and vegetables, including frozen. In this case they are not thawed and cooked mash without addition of ice.

Сurrant sauce

Сurrant sauce   Currant sauce previously prepared solely for sweet pancakes, as well as for presentations of many cheese desserts. But now the culinary craftsmen went on.Absolutely no fear, they add blackcurrant sauce to the meat, and only benefit from this. Besides, the recipe is so simple that even beginners understand the cuisine.