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Sesame Cookies — easy recipes for kids

Sesame Cookies — easy recipes for kids    Sesame Cookies lovers peanut cookies, as well as those who like to gnaw something yummy. Remember the magic words that opened the impregnable gateway to the fairy tale about Ali Baba and the forty thieves? Yes, that’s right: «SIM-SIM, open sesame!», or «open sesame!». These words became famous […]

Alfajores Cookies

Alfajores Cookies   Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe Argentine gentle, fragile,melting in the mouth Alfajores Cookies. Alfajores name comes from the Arabic, and means «fantastic» or «gorgeous« sweets. First Alfajores appeared in Iberia during the period of Al-Andalus. History is rooted in the 16 century! When the Spaniards found new world turned […]

Biscuits Snowballs — recipes for kids

Biscuits Snowballs — recipes for kids    Biscuits Snowballs — a great Christmas meal, which can be folded in a glass jar with a dressy Ribbon. So you will have an original gift for friends.

Kourabiedes — easy to make recipes

Kourabiedes — easy to make recipes History of East Kourabiedes was highly unusual. Once Persian Sultan robbed,and the Palace was left almost no pantry ingredients for cooking sweets, so beloved ruler. Enterprising servant not confused and rapidly baked biscuits from what was found, it consisted of flour, sugar, eggs and butter, and for refinement of taste it […]