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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake   Love sweet cakes, it’s a fact. And if you belong to this category, make sure you try to cook the famous Red Velvet Cake.

Apple Rose Tart — Recipe Ideas

Apple Rose Tart — Recipe Ideas It’s no secret how useful as fresh apples, and baked. This recipe they make pie unusually elegant!

Raspberry angel food cake

Raspberry angel food cake

Snickers Cake — taste of home recipes

Snickers Cake — taste of home recipes    Well-known and beloved brand sweet chocolate bars «Snickers« for many years,is one of the leading manufacturers of similar delicacies. There is hardly a person who does not probovavshij this bar. Your attention seems cake recipe, whichvirtually replicates the taste of the famous bars and his cooking simple and […]

Christmas log — french food recipes

Christmas log — french food recipes    Confused this cake it is impossible with any other because Buch de Noël (as heis called in France) has characteristic features: it is similar to a real log, and the more similar the better. Culinary historians claim that dessert «Christmas log» — a distant echo of Pagan beliefs about […]