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Magical cakes

Magical cakes   And what’s the magic? The magic of that cake is composed of three different layers, which are obtained by themselves. Amazing, isn’t it? I could not believe me that this is possible. In General, it’s all about the difference in weight and density. Cake is very delicate, vanilla. The top layer, a […]

Cream Puffs — dessert recipes

Cream Puffs — dessert recipes   Recipe (16—20 pieces)

Cherry Tartlets

Cherry Tartlets Cherry Tartlets — elegant and delicious cakes with cream

Carrot cupcakes

Carrot cupcakes   Well, who among us can resist the rosy painlessly flavored cake, sweet cake, cakeor cake? Correctly, it is very difficult. Moreover, if after such goodies, you must limit yourself to any meal to remove received together with cake calories. Is it possible to prepare pastries and sweets so that they are not […]

Viennese wafers — cheap and easy recipe

Viennese wafers — cheap and easy recipe    There is one great breakfast dish — viennese wafers. It is distinguished by its ease and is ideal to start the next day. They can be served with fresh berries, fruit jam and honey. It is said that if you don’t like sweet, these waffles also enjoy because they […]