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Milk Caramel — delicious food recipes

Milk Caramel — delicious food recipes    Subtle caramel aroma and unforgettable is the creamy taste of milk caramel!Homemade chocolates differ from instore natural composition, without the use of stabilisers, thickeners and other substances harmful to the body. Just 20 minutes — and all are satisfied with the result! The day was a success, if the House has […]

Cheesecake ice cream

Cheesecake ice cream   Cheesecake ice cream is a tasty dessert that is worthy of your time was spent on his cooking. And as always, I wanted everything to be simple and clear, so I invite you to familiarize yourself with friends.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Coffee and caramel cake

Coffee and caramel cake     Prepare Coffee and caramel cake for a loved one and the success you achieved!