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Chanterelles cheese cake

Chanterelles cheese cake At the height of the mushroom season, you can surprise loved ones original mushroom biscuit. Recipe to share culinary Sergei Kalinin.   Recipe: Chanterelles — 150 g White mushrooms — 150 g Bulb — 1 piece Eggs (separated into yolks and whites) — 4 pieces Flour — 1.5 tablespoons Milk — 150 […]

Processed cheese with bacon — easy healthy recipes

Processed cheese with bacon — easy healthy recipes   Processed cheese with bacon to cook at home quite easily. It is much tastier than its counterpart of the store contains no chemical additives and its preparation need only 15—20 minutes.

Cheese cake — taste of home recipes

Cheese cake — taste of home recipes   Cheese cake are deservedly love gourmands. We offer you a delicious recipe, gentle and easy cake with cream cheese.

Cheese Buns

Cheese Buns   I offer you a simple and non complicated recipe amazingly delicious Cheese Buns. They are very soft and lush. Cakes you can make with a sweet filling, but you can bake without it.

Сheese sticks with sesame seeds

Сheese sticks with sesame seeds   Cheese sticks with sesame seeds — and sweet biscuits for children, and salted snack under the beer for their parents. Their taste will depend on the types of cheese that you use forcooking this baking, as well as spices and herbs. Such sticks can be cooked in salty, sweet, with […]