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Creamy Sauce Chicken

Creamy Sauce Chicken    Today I present a simple dish — Creamy Sauce Chicken, which you can cook for 15—20 minutes and take a job as lunch. The proposed option will add fresh vegetables and Greens, or a delicious salad with them.  

Chicken Nuggets — easy dinner ideas

Chicken Nuggets — easy dinner ideas   Everything in chicken nuggets is fine, except the cooking process. If you do notdeclare war eating deep-fried, nobody forbids to enjoy chicken from the nearest fast-food outlets, but if you want to have the nuggets not only in chitdjej, then try our recipe. It is absent and very oil […]

Cherry chicken

Cherry chicken   Like to cook chicken with cherry sauce. And we got a cherry chicken. I did not expect that the chicken will become red tint, but even its zest.

Cordon Bleu — best recipes

Cordon Bleu — best recipes    All those who have at least a little interested in gourmet cuisine, for sure, have heard about Cordon Bleu. This dish cannot be called normal or everyday, it is often served in restaurants of haute cuisine, and in the face of the House is always a festive and delicious food, […]

Grilled chicken — easy meals

Grilled chicken — easy meals   3 simple and delicious grilled chicken recipe for a crowded cocktail party.