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Chocolate Coffee Cake

Chocolate Coffee Cake Juicy chocolate cake with espresso flavor. Before him is hard to resist and it supplements!

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse   To prepare chocolate mousse you can use white chocolate, but then you need to put half the sugar. I decided to arrange the mousse in small coffee cups-you can taste the delicacy not worrying about your waistline!

Сhocolate almonds

Сhocolate almonds   A proven recipe for a delicious dessert — Сhocolate almonds. Very cool with a strong coffee after dinner. Chocolate and bitter, and milk is what you taste!

Coconut almond milk hot chocolate

Coconut almond milk hot chocolate Hot chocolate can be prepared with almond and coconut milk. It is not only delicious, but also useful

Сhocolate pistachio truffles

Сhocolate pistachio truffles   Pistachio and chocolate! Fans of sweets will appreciate the speed of cooking food, taste, refinement and exclusivity cooked Сhocolate pistachio truffles! Recipe: 200g favorite chocolate 1 whipping cream pack (not less than 30%), 200 ml 20 g butter a handful of pistachio nuts (unsalted)