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5 amazing ways to make coffee

5 amazing ways to make coffee Cheesy coffee, Orange, pepper and other experiments that will delight anyone who’s a try.

How to brew a delicious Cup of coffee

How to brew delicious Cup of coffee   Somehow you got home it turns out dark Burda and not invigorating aromatic drink? To change the situation at 180 degrees, learn the secrets how to BREW coffee properly. Coffee specialists, barista, swear: get a drink at home dreams can be and without the aid of a brilliant […]

Coffee syrup

Coffee syrup Coffee syrup you can buy, and you can cook at home, and the density that you need: very thick for decorating baking or medium density for wider application. Any chef will confirm that coffee syrup is an excellent ingredient for baking and a wide range of cocktails. Thick syrup you can decorate cake, […]

White Chocolate Mocha — best recipes

White Chocolate Mocha — best recipes   Mocha or moccoccino is a chocolate coffee that is obtained thanks to the unusual combination of espresso, milk and whipped chocolate. Decorate this drinkcap of whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate. The drink has a richchocolate and creamy taste. It is for those who cannot decide to drink […]

Spartak cake — home cooking recipes

Spartak cake — home cooking recipes    Spartak cake with scalded cream cream, which in combination with delicate honey — chocolate cake, gives a unique taste