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Cooking tips

Cooking tips   Fresh herbs (parsley, dill, basil, coriander) can be stored as flowers: put in a glass of water and keep on the kitchen table. This beautiful and allow herbs to stretch for a couple of days longer than in the fridge. Never refrigerate tomatoes, peaches, potatoes, onions, garlic, bread and coffee is cold […]

Oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal for breakfast   Cold oatmeal-light but nourishing breakfast that contains a lot of protein, calcium, and fiber and very little fat and sugar. This porridge is prepared quite simply and, most importantly, you can make yourself a room for a few days! Each serving is packaged in a separate jar, each clover has its […]

Instead of olive oil: what other vegetable oils are useful

Instead of olive oil: what other vegetable oils are useful

Dairy products — friends of the organism

Dairy products — friends of the organism Butter, cream, cheese, and even sour cream, yogurt, kephir-any of dairy products is incredibly useful to your body. Read, memorize, prepare. Institute of nutrition RAMS recommends that honest citizens to consume dairy products three times a day. If Pro natural yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese and cheeses, we also only. […]

What are superfoods

What are superfoods   Scientific name the term «superfoods«-does not exist, but it’s really a wonderful food, completely justifying the prefix «super«. Superfoods list includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains. This food has an exceptional nutritional value,high in antioxidants and nutrients.