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Duck breast with orange sauce

Duck breast with orange sauce   If you choose the right dish for a romantic dinner, duck breast would be close to the ideal: to the best of elegant, but easy to prepare, not so brutal as steak, but it goes well with wine, original and most importantly — delicious. And of course, this dish is […]

Roast Duck — lunch recipes

Roast Duck — lunch recipes   

Dried duck breast

Dried duck breast   Dried duck breast is not simple, but very simple. The main thing is to observe the overall technology and don’t forget the salt and Spice set, for example, canbe anything: nobody bothers you use the ones that you like more, I only writeabout those whom I duck seemed the most delicious. Focus […]

Baked Duck

Baked Duck   Holiday almost at the threshold, can someone come in handy recipe. It‘s nothing unusual. But the simpler, as we know, the tastier. The main thing is duck turned out to be soft and not dry. And so the result was just the way it is important to initially buy a good bird, […]

Duck Peaches Warm Salad

Duck Peaches Warm Salad