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Roasted duck breast — meat recipes

Roasted duck breast — meat recipes  Duck breast until recently was considered a delicacy hereby, but now it can be found in almost any major store. But how to make this part, that it was deliciousand juicy?

Duck Spring Roll

Duck Spring Roll   Duck Spring Roll — exotic dish, which is served in the best Oriental restaurants. But you can prepare your own meals at home and surprise your loved ones quick cooking recipes.

Oranges Duck

Oranges Duck     Before you Oranges Duck—Lite interpretation of French classics: deal with duck breast is much easier than with a whole bird. Fatty meat? Nothing a little patience andslow fire, and all the fat will remain outside.

Mushrooms and Duck Cake

Mushrooms and Duck Cake   Mushrooms and Duck Cake turn out very tasty, juicy and delicious! Cook themeasier than ever, and even a novice can easily cope with this task. About the features and nuances of this cooking baking, see this article.

Duck Rillette

Duck Rillette Rillette appeared in France in the XVI century, but until the XVIII century rillette cooked pork only. In the XVIII century appear rillette of birds, including ducks. Classic duck rillette strongly fat. If you remove excess fat, Pate will be more dietary.