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Benedict Eggs — easy to make recipes

Benedict Eggs — easy to make recipes We saved Benedict Eggs fat Dutch sauce and their friend with Greens. So it will be more useful for stomach and for the shape. Ready to learn a new recipe? Those who are accustomed to eat breakfast porridge, scrambled eggs or cheesecakes, the idea of replacing the usual meal […]

Saksuka — breakfast recipes

Saksuka — breakfast recipes   Saksuka is a very tasty dish, which is considered the birthplace of North Africa.The main ingredients are eggs with tomatoes. To improve the recipe, gettingmore refined taste, you can add various seasonings and different products. Cooking options this culinary delicacy a lot, but it turned out juicy and satisfying, you […]

Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals

Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals   Сocotte eggs — breakfast that will appeal to fans of the original hereby food and gourmets. He has a very unusual taste, because it blends perfectly with the fish eggs!

Fruity omelette souffle for the perfect breakfast

Fruity omelette souffle for the perfect breakfast

Egg in bun — good easy recipes

Egg in bun — good easy recipes You and your family tired of breakfast scrambled eggs? You can surprise them unusual eggs, as in the best restaurants of the world namely, the unique recipe of fried egg in bun