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Spicy Pineapple — delicious dessert recipes

Spicy Pineapple — delicious dessert recipes   Pineapple prepared for this recipe can be completely independent dessert. Slow longing in syrup, saturated with the smell of cinnamon and star anise, softens pineapple, retaining its shape. It is said that after a hearty dinner, pineapple relieves heaviness in the stomach — and I have repeatedly convinced of […]

Mango panna cotta

Mango Panna Cotta   It is no secret that the panna cotta is one of my favorite desserts. So you want to bring the summer, grab him by the edge, inhaled its sweet fragrance. Move to a tropical island where juicy mangoes dripping lips. This dessert is a very delicate with the scent of vanilla and […]

Oatmeal — health recipes

Oatmeal — health recipes  The past 30 years in the town of St. George is celebrated very unusual but very useful holiday which most often falls on the second week of April and has a proud name — world day of oatmeal. Nutritionists believe that such holiday it is time to move beyond America, because, despite the […]

Fruit sushi — dessert recipes

Fruit sushi — dessert recipes   As you know, all children love sweet. Any child from the variety of hot or cold dishes always preferred dessert snacks. What dish to please her baby in the new year or birthday? Prepare Fruit sushi! 1. Sushi balls of strawberry and kiwi. The secret to cooking this variety of […]

Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes

Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes   Fruit and yoghurt dessert. Very quick and easy recipe which is not ashamed toentertain guests. It is refreshing and brings coolness in sultry day, but contains fewer calories than ice cream. Especially women like it, observing figure.