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Breakfast Chocolate Balls — chocolate recipes

Chocolate Breakfast Balls — chocolate recipes   In childhood I go crazy everything from Chocolate Breakfast Balls that ate out of the box, not even squeezed milk. Sometimes took them into the Pocket and was happyto walk. Then I try them as breakfast with milk, tasty, satisfying, fun. Now the breakfasts were «older«, but sometimes you want to remember the […]

Ginger Cake — easy baking recipes

Ginger Cake — easy baking recipes    Today for you a recipe of one of the most favorite cakes in my family — Ginger Cake. I cook the ginger dessert for the past 15 years, exactly, only one ingredient in the cream has changed over time, but these changes only for the better.

French honey cake

French honey cake   There are desserts that taste depends on one ingredient. A big plus that after the process of cooking, we are free to vary the flavor by changing this ingredient. For example, this rustic pie for a taste of honey is responsible. Types of honey dozens, means you can do different cake […]

Honey Strawberry Cake

Honey Strawberry Cake