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Plum and vanilla cream corn mini-muffins

Plum and vanilla cream corn mini-muffins     These wonderful mini—muffins will delight your loved ones, both children and adults.

Mojito muffins — easy dessert recipes

Mojito muffins — easy dessert recipes   When homes have limes, mint and rum, the simplest is to cook the famous cocktail, but it somehow just too. But delicious muffins! Taste wonderful, kind—too,alcohol dissipates and the taste stayed! And I assure you this is nowhere to try,except in your own kitchen!

Cabbage & Ham Muffins — easy baking recipes

Cabbage & Ham Muffins — easy baking recipes Recipe Cabbage & Ham Muffins is not only original but also an excellent appetizer. Try! Quick, tasty and satisfying!

Savory muffins — delicious cooking recipes

Savory muffins — delicious cooking recipes   Strictly speaking, snack cupcakes belong to the category «quick bread» and in fact closer to maffinam than to keksam. Yes, and on the table eateries are often muffins substitute for bread, but by themselves they excellent appetizer.

Chocolate muffins — tasty recipes

Chocolate muffins — tasty recipes Chocolate muffins — it’s a terrific flavor, chocolate taste, soft tender flesh, melting in the mouth.