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Mushrooms Pie — snacks recipes

Mushrooms Pie — snacks recipes    Mushroom Pie, and this is precisely not pie and tart, very simple in execution, Unleavened dough, kneaded the filling consists of cream, eggs, cheese, and mushrooms. But despite all the simplicity, very tasty as snacks to take on the job,and not only.

Mushroom Salad — Healthy Meals

Mushroom Salad — Healthy Meals  Mushroom Salad -the perfect meal for warm summer romantic evening. You can take any cheese.

Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms   If you like mushrooms, you probably tried many of their species. Rather unusual and specific luteus. But of them can cook a lot of delicious dishes.

Baked potatoes with chanterelles

Baked potatoes with chanterelles   Young baked potatoes with chanterelles very organically and turns out delicious food fordinner!