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Carrot Nut Cake — taste of home recipes

Carrot Nut Cake — taste of home recipes    There is a great variety of versions of this dessert — fashioned Carrot Nut Cake, I want to share. I have a biscuit version. Layers produces succulent and tasty and the cheese cream is a fairy tale! I hope that will satisfy sweet lovers. The recipe is for […]

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies — kids recipes

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies — kids recipes   If you prepare Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies on kids, kids will be just happy. Cookiesafter cooking can be divided into two parts, with one part cocoa and powdered sugar. It will turn out very nicely.

Peanut butter — snacks recipes

Peanut butter — snacks recipes  All very very easy! You need a peanut, honey, vegetable oil, a little salt and a food processor.

Nut Milk — Vegetarian Cooking Recipes

Nut Milk — Vegetarian Cooking Recipes   Have you tried ever nut milk, for example, almond? Here, perhaps to emphasize: we are not talking about the dry milk from the supermarket with the shelf life of a year filled with different preservatives and additives. The benefit of such milk certainly questionable. Another thing—milk, cooked by yourself. […]

Homemade chocolate with nuts

Homemade chocolate with nuts   I suggest that you prepare a home chocolate for this recipe, which is very quick to do that, of course, will delight not only in children but also in adults. But it is not so easy to do it correctly and that you have not had unsuccessful attempts, I advise […]