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Pears in syrup — best recipes

Pears in syrup — best recipes   Pears in syrup — considered one of the most exquisite desserts. It can be found in the most prestigious restaurants in most countries of the world. But this dish can be prepared at home, if you arm yourself with a drop of patience and desire.

Pear in puff pastry — amazing recipes

Pear in puff pastry — amazing recipes   Pear in puff pastry will not only decorate your festive table, but will be crowning a romantic dinner. This wonderful dessert and looks impressive, and very tasty! To bake the most delicious spicy pear will need a bit of time, and their cooking is very simple and fun

Pear cake — easy dessert recipes

Pear cake — easy dessert recipes   Pear cake turns out dense and moist. The aroma of pears and cinnamon are justamazing. To the cake you can optionally add crushed dark chocolate or nuts.

Pear Original Salad — healthy recipes for dinner

Pear Original Salad — healthy recipes for dinner   Pear — a very interesting fruit. Few people know that it goes well with meat, especially the sour-sweet varieties. The recipe for this salad does not have any nationality, it just cook in the restaurant, and just in his kitchen.