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Spicy Cabbage Pie — baking recipes

Spicy Cabbage Pie — baking recipes 

Peach pie

Peach pie   Incredibly delicious, juicy peach, crumbly cake that is cooked quickly and easilyand is perfect for a friendly tea party.

Tarte Tatin — easy delicious recipes

Tarte Tatin — easy delicious recipes    The recipe for this «inverted« Apple Pie has become a classic of French cuisine.Probably everyone knows the legend about how one of the sisters Tatin, defenders of the hotel in a small town South of Paris, on gaffes or inadvertently spoiled Apple Pie toppings. Saving dish, covered his test […]

Meat pie

 Meat pie Meat pie — recipe for all occasions. Pie with meat cooked for a family lunch, a picnic or on the festive table.

Achma pie

Achma pie   Khachapuri — the pride of Georgian cuisine. The basis of food — a combination of delicate soft brine cheese and fresh dough. There are about 100 kinds of khachapuri, but the queen is considered achma. This delicious layer cake with a golden crust and a filling of goat cheese, cheese, Imereti and […]