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Potato pancakes — easy dinner ideas

Potato pancakes — easy dinner ideas    Spicy potato pancakes can be perfectly combined with soft yolk poached and crispy salad.

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes   More non-standard potato side dish for new year backgrounds and staff were extremely helpful. In the classic version serves potatoes stuffed with slices of bacon and cheese, but we will pay attention to other variations.

Potato Quiche

Potato Quiche Quiche is perfect for breakfast. But if you don’t have time to cook it tonight, then romp with sand test may take most of the morning. We offer an alternativethat combines classic and the basis of Quiche stuffing one of the most popular potato dishes that are served for breakfast.  

Pork and potatoes — easy meals

Pork and potatoes — easy meals   Sometimes you want something simple and familiar. For example, Cook a simple meal for a family meal. Pork with potatoes is perfect for this, because it is a rich and very tasty dish does not require much effort. The main thing to prepare foods—vegetables and meat, and the oven […]