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Than replace mayonnaise: 3 light sauce

Than replace mayonnaise: 3 light sauce

Cranberry Sauce — simple recipes

Cranberry Sauce — simple recipes    Sauce, without which I can’t imagine neither duck nor Turkey, no chicken. Absolutely ingenious sauce to the meat! It is better to take fresh cranberries, but fits and frozen. Instead of liquor you can use orange juice is very sweet, but stillit is good to add a tablespoon of brandy. Before […]

Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce   Asking «why should I refrigerate tomato sauce?» as interested in why my money in the Bank? «-the answer is obvious. The bright tomato sauce can to fill the pasta, itwill serve as a basis for pizzas, filling for lasagna and replaces the ketchup, in the end. Plus contained in tomatoes, lycopene, unlike […]