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Creamy Sauce Mussels

Creamy Sauce Mussels   Do you know what is common in cooking mussels and medical practice? And a good cook, a good doctor and be guided by the same rule: do no harm. Mussels are delicious both in terms of taste, and its use, so that the main thing in their preparation — not to […]

Seafood Pate — easy healthy recipes

Seafood Pate — easy healthy recipes   Diet and healthy seafood Pate for seafood lovers! Very tasty, fragrant, low-calorie to weight watchers, those who lose weight or adhering to a healthy diet! The Pate can prepare any seafood. I have in the fridge were shrimp and a piece of salmon. A very delicate flavor and a […]

Shrimp Carpaccio — simple easy recipes

Shrimp Carpaccio — simple easy recipes    Frankly speaking: today’s recipe happens to cook not everyone, and not always. It’s not its complexity, just obviously the freshest shrimp to us, rather, curiosity, rather than something familiar or commonplace. Choose the best shrimp you can get is a Carpaccio I cooked in Italy, choosing bright red shrimps. […]

Canned Clams — delicious recipes for dinner

Canned Clams — delicious recipes for dinner 

Shrimp Paste — easy italian recipes

Shrimp Paste — easy italian recipes    Tasty shrimp paste is quite self-sufficient dish, but it can be made even tastier, if you bring to the fore another ingredient. What? Lemon! Many of us believe lemon fruit is very sour, and so monotonous, but it’s not. Lemon is multifaceted, and best of all this is evident […]