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Octopus Salad — quick easy recipes

Octopus Salad — quick easy recipes    Very tender juicy Salad served smaller portions on pancake! Certainly not only decorate your festive table, but its taste and delight you and your guests! Especially it will be for those who are not indifferent to seafood, and who is always ready to try something new and original.

Crabs Saffron Risotto — italian recipes

Crabs Saffron Risotto — italian recipes 

3 amazing salad recipes

3 amazing salad recipes   I represent to your attention quite simple amazing salad recipes, but refined and delicious salads that can be cooked quickly.

Scallop Ceviche

Scallop Ceviche   The lavra inventor Ceviche today claims nearly each of the countries of South America. Some sources give this achievement by the Peruvian fishermen, but the Ceviche turned out to be so simple, delicious and interesting dish, that nowit is cooked from Mexico to Chile, and everywhere a little differently. Suggest you the recipe […]

How to cook frozen seafood?

How to cook frozen seafood?   Whether you like seafood? I am sure that love: it is difficult to find a man whodisliked would grilled Prawns, scallops or delicious mussels in fragrant sauce.But not always we have the opportunity to cook delicious fresh seafood, not infrequently, we buy them frozen.