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Baked Mussels Mornay

Baked Mussels Mornay

Grilled seafood

Grilled seafood   If we talk about real summer pleasures, there is little that can compare with outdoor cooking. That stimulates the appetite is stronger than fresh air, fire, birds singing and the juicy piece of meat? But the grill is not only meat. So, fish and seafood are the best candidates for grilling, as is […]

Seafood Salad — low fat dinner recipes

Seafood Salad — low fat dinner recipes    Seafood rich in iodine, which will not allow the forces of decay and depression.Typically, marine reptiles are added to spaghetti, but you can choose the easieroption — bright salad with carrots, beets and beans to add mood and generatingenergy.

Bouillabaisse Soup — gourmet food recipes

Bouillabaisse Soup — gourmet food recipes

Spanish paella

Spanish paella Today in your kitchen is a real Fiesta. Aroma of fragrant spices, rice grains, softGolden pieces of squid, sweet shrimp and fragile shells with gentle mussels—Spanish paella!