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Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Cherry Chocolate Truffles

Cherry Chocolate Truffles   Here’s and winter came, and with it the winter holidays, Christmas and new year. At this time, the hostess is busy preparing for commemorations, where not the last place belongs to sweets.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle   Raspberry chocolate truffle combines noble bitterness of dark chocolate and delicate raspberry acidity.

Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles

Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles   According to historical facts, this delicacy was first appeared in ancient Egypt, and were doing it out of dates and honey. In the East, delicious meal consisted of figs and almonds, and ancient Romans decorated their tables with candy, which included nuts with honey, Sesame and poppy seeds. Such were […]

Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes

Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes    What could be more delicious chocolates? Truffles on coconut milk produces very tasty and are perfect for an evening with your family and called reception.