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Roasted Cabbage

Roasted Cabbage   Do you like cabbage? In addition to potatoes, is one of the most common vegetables on our table. Cabbage and useful, and tasty. And as much as there are recipes with cabbage — do not count. The most popular salad of fresh cabbage, sauerkraut, cabbage braised with meat, cakes and pies with […]

Hummus — vegan recipes

Hummus — vegan recipes    Called hummus sauce is not to dish the respect it deserves. Incredibly simple in essence, hummus has become a cornerstone of gastronomy in the Middle East and in Turkey and Cyprus is served in local snacks—Meze. Translated from ivirita, the word «hummus» means chickpeas, chickpeas, which underlies the hummus recipe. Another […]

Baked Vegetables Salad — quick and easy recipes

Baked Vegetables Salad — quick and easy recipes 

Baked Pumpkin — easy healthy meals

Baked Pumpkin — easy healthy meals    Very tasty and useful caviar from baked vegetables, primarily from a pumpkin, spicy flavor of soy sauce and a light hint of peanuts! My version of caviar—sharp, I love all spicy, but you can cook and without Chile pod, adding peppers to your liking!  

Chile Citrus Jam — simple food recipes

Chile Citrus Jam — simple food recipes