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Roasted vegetables in banana leaf

Roasted vegetables in banana leaf

Asian salad — easy healthy recipes

Asian salad — easy healthy recipes    It seems to me, than the Asians have no equal, so it is in salads of the simplestof ingredients. You can open the fridge and easy to prepare a dozen variations, which will vary according to taste. One of the tricks is refueling.  

Vegetable Tartlets

Vegetable Tartlets   Savory pastry with fillings of seasonal vegetables-a real godsend for the summer menu. Almost every cuisine in the world can boast of unsweetened baking recipes with vegetables, their options—a huge number. Vegetable Tartlets — small portioned pies that can be served with tea, meat and fish dishes or soups.

Lentil soup — simple recipes

 Lentil soup — simple recipes Before you recipe delicious lentil soup. Red lentils has a soft and pleasant tastewith spices and vegetables.  

3 best burger recipe

3 best burger recipe   The sandwich is the perfect dish for a tasty and filling snack. A favorite delicacyfor breakfast for the whole family. In the cuisine of different peoples can be found very unusual burger recipe, although the sandwiches on the table always attended, regardless of their living conditions. Sandwiches, constituting any stuffing, bread is […]