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Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka   Greek moussaka — great summer dish! Vegetables, minced meat, mushrooms, cheese, Bechamel … On the one hand and, on the other hand, easily satisfying.Not for nothing in the summer midday heat, the inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula with pleasure lunch moussaka: because she is good in both hot and cold,it combines the ease of […]

Breakfast Wrap — simple recipes

Breakfast Wrap — simple recipes    Breakfast Wrap — very tasty and satisfying snack that can be eaten at home, butyou can take with you to work or a picnic. If your relationship did not test the best way, then instead of homemade breadas a basis, you can use the purchase pita bread or pita bread, but the basis […]

Fried potatoes & mushrooms

Fried potatoes & mushrooms   Fried potatoes & mushrooms chanterelle, yes with golden potatoes, who refuses such an incredibly tasty lunch?  

Useful vegetable

Useful vegetable   If you want to build muscle, you need to not only go to the gym and eating right. Correctly is to consume plenty of protein. That is, there is a general rule of thumb for ideological reasons cannot be followed by vegetarians. Hence the common misconception that if you do not use […]

Oven French Fries — quick low fat recipes

Oven French Fries — quick low fat recipes   French fries in its traditional cooking is definitely tasty, but very nutritious dish! This recipe is very simple, all the same delicious, but much more useful!