Trout Caviar Salad — simple cooking recipes

Trout Caviar Salad — simple cooking recipes

Trout Caviar Salad

Trout Caviar Salad


Very tender and tasty salad with mustard dressing! Light, tastefully rucola, interestingly, when instead of Arugula put another stronglyscented herbs such ascilantro, celery etc, the salad will sparkle with completely different taste! Saladdressed with vinaigrette just before use!



  • Trout (salted— 50 g
  • Potatoes (large, boiled— 1 piece
  • Cheese — 50 g
  • Arugula — 1 handful
  • Cucumber (not large) 1 piece
  • Avocado — 0.5 pieces
  • Caviar 2 tablespoons
  • Sour cream (liquid— 100 ml
  • Soy sauce — 2 teaspoons
  • Mustard (spicy, homemade) — 0.5 TSP



All ingredients except cheese, cut in small cubes and contain layers: trout, half of the potatoes, cheese grated fine grater, Arugula, avocado, cucumber, the rest of the potatoes and caviar.

For filling, mix the sour cream, soy sauce and mustard, pour into a gravy boatand serve with chunks of lettuce. Behind each guest their salad portion is yourself!

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Bon Appetit!
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