If you think that now we will focus on chocolate candy in cocoa powder, in a hurry to upset you. This article is about the strange to many fungi that can supposedly be found only trained pigs. In this article I will try to dispel all the rumors and tell you where this delicacy is found and how to deal with them face to face, so the next time you’re not fried it with banal potatoes.

Not everything is tasty, that looks good — it’s just about it. The small warty tuber, more like a potato unprepossessing, very unattractive as long as it does not try. Regardless of the variety (black, white, light gray or yellow), he always covered with rough skin, hiding under a fleshy body with the veins, because of which in the context of the fungus is similar to marble.

Unpresentable view compensated bright taste with astringency walnut and roasted seeds. And completes the picture of the intense aroma, which can be distinguished chocolate color, light taste of alcohol and a touch of garlic (here it all depends on the type and severity of your truffle smell).

Itself you understand, it would be blasphemy to condemn the poor for cooking or frying, stay in a hot oven and other flour severe heat treatment. The objective of this fungus — just pick out the taste of food, giving it the aristocracy. So, ideally, a few slices of thinly sliced delicacy would be enough to change the familiar taste of anything was.


Learn to understand the legendary originals

White Piedmont Truffle. Hailing from Italy — the taste is the same bright, rich and cheerful. Season — from October to January.

Black Perigord truffle. The Frenchman, a more refined and sophisticated. Season — from December to March.


Why is this delicacy?

You probably know that nobody goes for truffles in the forest with wicker baskets and babies are not buying in bulk. Even if a strong desire, will unlikely. First, the delicacies grow underground at a depth of about 30 cm. And you will not find them until the mushrooms set on a specially-trained dog or pig with spicy scent.

Secondly, the truffles are very selective in the choice of residence: prefer oak and beech groves in the south of France, northern Italy, in California or New Zealand. Moreover, the principle that separately taken elect mushroom roots of a tree, known only to himself — so that attempts to mass-produce the truffles well failed a couple of centuries ago. That is why today they are bought individually and valued its weight in gold.


Truffles at any time of the year

Winter or summer, large or small, expensive or very expensive? Reference points for the season, not to miscalculate choice.

Summer truffle. Medium and large mushrooms chocolate brown or dark yellow, sometimes favoring the smell of yeast.

Winter truffle. Small spherical mushroom black, dark gray and reddish-black on the cut. They have a «nutty» flavor.

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