Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes

Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes 

Truffles in coconut milk

Truffles in coconut milk


What could be more delicious chocolates? Truffles on coconut milk produces very tasty and are perfect for an evening with your family and called reception.



  • 500 g dark chocolate (70%)
  • 400 ml. coconut milk (fat content of 15%)
  • 40 g butter
  • couple pinches of salt



  • Cointreau
  • black currant liqueur
  • Peppermint extract
  • Hot peppers



  • Cocoa
  • Shortbread cookies + cinnamon
  • Crushed hazelnuts



Chocolate is divided into two parts, finely break and put in two suitable capacity. Coconut milk, bring to a boil and add equal amounts of both tanks. Gently and slowly stir chocolate until dissolution, smoothness and shine. Mix with on 20 g butter, chopped into small pieces and salt. Then add alcohol and desired flavorings. Try at this stage to be able to straighten out something in taste.

Ready to send in ganache fridge at least 8:00 is him.

You can pour the ganache into a rectangular or square shape, laid cling film, then to not molded round candies, and simply cut and fell in toppings.

If the ganache just in a bowl, then molded traditionally round candy or what shape you want and you can. I was easier way: prepare all the dressing on threepieces of baking paper. Cookies crumble fine bottom Cup. I mixed with cinnamon. Nuts can be folded into the package and knock something heavy to shatter.

Next I took cold ganache spoon and lay out in the topping. Sprinkled andhas finished forming. So hands remained practically clean and not melted ganache.

A couple of words about chocolate. Chocolate should be qualitative, cocoa, preferably at least 60%. You can make truffles in white and milk chocolate. In the case of milk you will need to add less cream/milk. With a white handled with care, as far as I know there’s different technology, and the quality of the chocolate should be very high. In General, the smaller the cocoa in chocolate, the less liquid needed. If you do cream ganache, then take the fatty35%. Can be less fatty, then they will need to borrow less in volume.

Salt. I add salt to anything that necessarily contain chocolate. It stresses its flavor.

Stored in the refrigerator without problems. Freezer too survived beautifully.

Continuing the theme of nuts, you can cook Сhocolate pistachio truffles

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