Tuna Ceviche — delicious dinner recipes

Tuna Ceviche — delicious dinner recipes

Tuna Ceviche

Tuna Ceviche


Tuna Ceviche — a dish of Latin American cuisine, considered the birthplace of Peru. It is very finely sliced raw fish with added chopped onions, spices and marinat  20 minutes (or longer, depending on the fish) in lime or lemon juice. You can add some chopped fresh herbs and citrus (orange, grapefruit), hot pepper. Someone adds tomato or celery. The main thing about the fish not to forget. It must be very fresh, chilled, fillets with elastic.


  • chilled tuna — 250 g
  • orange — 1/2 thing
  • onion (preferably red) — 1/2 thing
  • coriander — a small beam
  • Lemon — 1 thing
  • Lime — 1 thing
  • a small piece of chilli
  • black pepper, chili flakes and sea salt — to taste
  • olive oil ex.vir. — 1 tbsp


Tuna cut small cubes (1-1.5 cm), onion — smaller cube. Squeeze lime juice and lemon. Marinate the fish with onions in a bowl for 15-20 minutes, seasoned with spices. Fish should change the color of the outside from red to gray.
Instead of chili flakes can take a fresh pepper and finely chopped, but I recently fresh bear its bad, because took flakes. It should be noted that the tuna marinated faster all the other fish will need more time.

After the specified time once the juice drain, add finely sliced cubes filleted orange and chopped green coriander (stalks I do not crumbled, only the leaves). Season with olive oil and serve. I read a lot of recipes, where there is no oil. But I was with the oil once liked, softer taste goes.

Serve ceviche with sweet potato, corn or potato chips.

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