Tuna with pear salad, quick meals

Tuna with pear salad, quick meals

Tuna with pear salad

Tuna with pear salad


Tuna with pear salad — delicious fish recipes that can be prepared for a romantic dinner or a gala dinner.


Ingredients: (4 servings)

  • chilled tuna — 600-700 g
  • Grape seed oil — 2-2.5 tbsp
  • a mixture of peppers (black pepper, white, green, pink, Africa) — to taste
  • salt marine medium ground — to taste
  • grape seed oil or olive oil (for frying) — 1 tbsp

For the salad of pears:

  • pear varieties Conference — 2 pieces
  • lettuce — small bunch
  • sesame seeds, white and black — to taste

For the orange sauce:

  • Orange — 3 pieces
  • soy sauce — 2-3 tablespoons
  • sesame oil — 1-2 tablespoons
  • seasoning (sea salt, garlic and black pepper) in the mill — to taste


Tuna to cut into portions 2-2.5 cm thick (maximum of 3), 4-5 cm wide.

To oil the meat, season with pepper, lightly pushing his hand. Leave to marinate for 30 minutes. Before roasting prisolit little tuna.

Good warm thick-walled pan (it is better if it is a pan-grill). Lubricate using a cooking brush.
Share portions of tuna, fry each side for 2 minutes over high heat. Remove from the pan, cover with foil.

Unlikely, but when someone does not know; meat tuna should grab (becoming gray) around the edges, but to remain pink inside, it’s okay. And delicious.

While marinated tuna, prepare the sauce. From oranges to squeeze out the juice, put in a saucepan, boil down to half the volume. Add soy sauce, cook another minute, then sesame oil. Season with spices. Stir the sauce, remove from heat.

To clean lettuce pear from the skin and seeds, cut in half lengthwise, then plates.

On a plate lay out lettuce, pear fan on it. Pour orange sauce, sprinkle with sesame seeds. We spread a number of tuna and enjoy.

It is also possible to prepare Warm Orange Scallop Salad

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