Useful Berry Strawberry

Useful Berry Strawberry


I have the beginning of summer is synonymous with strawberries. In June, it is not the Turkish plastic Berry odourless and aromatic, with a bed. About its benefits today and talk.




So, what is remarkable this Berry?

First of all, it is a miracle as malokalorijna100 g of berries is only 41 kcal. But it has more than 2 grams of fiber and almost daily rate of vitamin c as well as a bunch of other beneficial vitamins, minerals, Bioflavonoids.

Due to its fibrous structure, strawberry perfectly satisfies hunger and gives a long sense of satiety, and due to the small organic acids does not irritate the stomach lining. This Berry seeds stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help all hudejushhim to contend with disruption of the gastro intestinal tract.

Because of decent content of vitamin c and Silicon is an excellent product for your skin: strengthens Collagen fibers and turgor blood supply in the DermIS (basically the skin layer), eliminating wrinkles. Minerals included in strawberries,help the swelling as well as participate in reactions of lipolysis, helping you lose weight.

Yet it contains carotenoids are pigments that give beautiful bright red color. So, after the vitamins c and e is the main antioxidants for your body. They combat free radicals, slowing the aging process, help your immune system fight against any evil spirits, including cancerous cells.

By the way, strawberry scent promotes the development of serotonin, thus improving your mood.

Surprisingly, this Berry is combined completely with all products, except, perhaps, fish. Babe is good by itself, in a Duet with cottage cheese, milk and even with other fruits. Can you somehow want to experiment by adding it to the dishwith meat or poultry. To quench your thirst is strawberries and upload it with waterand you already refreshing drink in which sea minerals and 0 calories.


Cook strawberries until the season: heat treatment destroys vitamin c. and freeze whole or peretertuju with sugar is a wonderful way to preserve for the winter all of its useful properties of interest on 80.

Plus very cool suit summer fasting days on strawberries1.5 kg of berries per day quench hunger and easily tolerated by the body.

With strawberries cooked a lot of delicious dishes, for exampleStrawberries Cheesecake

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