Instead of olive oil: what other vegetable oils are useful

Instead of olive oil: what other vegetable oils are useful

vegetable oils

vegetable oils


Olive, of course, King, but not the only vegetable oil, good for your heart, brainand skin. The facts on the table!
vegetable oil


Sesame oil

Firstly, it is very flavorful and better changes the flavor of salads, soups, fish dishes, especially in Asian style. Secondly, contains rare antioxidant squaleneit helps your cells better nasyshhalis’ with oxygen, the immune system was fully operational, and sex hormones produced without crashing. Another included insesame oilsesamole provides a long shelf life of the product, up to two years.

Dose: 1/2 tablespoon 23 times a week.

Important: do not like thermal processingadd in ready meals.


Walnut oil

As fish oil contains a solid dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, but it is much, much nicer in taste. And another former perimental’no proved that, regularly getting spoonanother walnut oil, the human body better cope with stress. From this, it is clear and the heart good, and nervous system.

Dose: 12 tablespoons 2 times a week.

Important: open the bottle keep in the fridgeproduct prone to Rancidity. Loses useful properties when heated.

healthiest cooking oil

healthiest cooking oil


Avocado oil

Extruded from overseas fruit fat extremely enjoy your skin: vitamin e, avocadooil almost 5 times more than in olive. Cardio-vascular and nervous systems would be glad the presence of lecithin. And in combination with soy sauce, avocado oil might work as a dose of ibuprofenat least this mix helped survey participants suffering from joint pain.

Dose: 12 dropsin night cream 2 teaspoonssalad at least once a week.

Important: it costs more to other vegetable oils.


Coconut oil

All the best, its properties are based on the presence of lauric acid and a special class of triglycerides. The first has a strong antimicrobial and healing action (so the product can be applied externally), regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood and, judging by observations of scientists, may contribute to zhiroszhiganiju.

Dose: maximum 2 tablespoons per day.

Important: when the temperature is above 23° c oil goes into a liquid form so it‘s convenient to use for body care and hair care. Ideal for frying.

One of these beautiful oils you can come in handy when cooking Peanut butter — snacks recipes

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