Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


Vegetarian Stuffed Peppersvery delicious vegetable appetizer that can be used as a garnish for meat recipes, or as a separate dish.

General principles of cooking

Stuffed aubergines, peppers are very tasty stewed. You can also preparefor the winter roll up my banks.
Choosing the peppercorns, pay attention not only to their integrity and maturity, but also on the form. For the best stuffing the Middle fruit rounded shape.Do not take limp, wrinkled peppers.
Vegetable well wash out water, then separate the stalk and seeds, trying to delete and partition walls inside. If the peppers are cooked to preservation, firstBlanch in hot water.
Eggplant Pulp contains some amount of corned beef is a harmful substance,the highest concentration of which is accounted for by large overripe fruit. So you need to choose ripe «Eggplant«. Before using Eggplant ground according to recipe and remove from them the bitterness, as in salted water, or maintain some time, salt. Then wring out and FRY in a pan by adding a small amount of oil alone or with additional components: vegetables, rice.

Bell Pepper Stuffed slices of Eggplant or vegetable mixture. For t


he preservation of the Bowl just roasted eggplant stuffed with wrapped plates rolls and only then fill their peppers. One pepper put no more than three rolls to fade vegetable not burst. Bell Peppers stuffed with Eggplant for winter, can in tomato sauce or marinade. This preservation requires sterilization.

  • 17 Bulgarian peppers
  • 1.7 kg aubergines
  • 15 small cloves garlic
  • two medium-sized carrots
  • 100 ml vegetable oil 
  • 1.3 kg ripe tomatoes
  • large onion
  • sugar, refined and salt
  • young fennel


Blue rinse, necessarily in warm water, along with the pepper. With Eggplant cut Peel peppers, remove seeds and septum and again good rinse them with water. Large spatula chop carrots and garlic and onions are heavy chop with a knife.

Cut the Eggplant into small cubes, small size of about 1 cm and put in a large bowl, sprinkling a little salt. Set aside for half an hour.

Prepared pepper dip in boiling water, leaving it for 5 minutes. Remove and reinstall the grid or a towel, turning down openings to all liquid from the peppers. Pureed eggplant, slightly wringing out, put in a large frying pan, pour in advance by 34 tablespoons oil. Pre heat oil, otherwise «it will absorb quickly eggplant. On medium heat simmer the Eggplant until tender, turn off heat and let cool.

The cooled fruit stuff chilled eggplants, complementing the vegetable toppings garlic. One pepper should take no more than one cloves. Stuffed vegetables put in a wide pan, placing the spouts and tightly clasping.

Wash tomatoes, remove the stalk and wipe them on the grinder, as optionrub a large spatula. In vegetable oil and fry the chopped onions with thecarrots and mix roasting with tomato puree. The addition of sugar and salt, adjust the taste of tomato potting, fill it to the vegetables and put on a small fire.Simmer about 25 minutes, five minutes prior to readiness add dish finely chopped dill.

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