Watermelon & Melon Dessert — yummy food recipes

Watermelon & Melon Dessert — yummy food recipes

Watermelon & Melon Dessert

Watermelon & Melon Dessert

In the heat of summer Watermelon & Melon Dessert is the perfect treat. He prepares very simple.

Necessary ingredients:

  • sweet and ripe melon
  • sweet and ripe melon
  • about ½ cup yogurt
  • about ¾ cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • several large strawberries for decoration


Good wash and dry melon and watermelon. Now you need to peel them. The ideal situation would be if the watermelon and cantaloupe will have approximately one size and shape, then the cake will turn out smooth and neat.

Cut the melon in the flat «cakes» height of about 3-4 cm. Remove the bones in each melon «flat shortcake.» Those steps proceed with watermelon.

Now prepare for the summer light cream cake. To do this, whip the cream with the sugar. Mix the cream with yogurt.

Fold watermelon and melon «cakes» at each other, and the inside of the cake, fill the lush cream. Decorate the old cream cake and strawberries.

Because watermelon is still possible to prepare Dessert of watermelon

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