What kind of bread you select for useful sandwich

What kind of bread you select for useful sandwich



Don’t trust your sense of smell, when soberesh’sja buy another loaf of bread home. The next time you want to devour a burger without scruples, read what bread isinnocent for your shape.

Whole grain Baguette

Its crispy crust will not give even the most rastech’sja zhiden’kim ingredients (onlycut along, not slices). Afraid that too many carbs? Boldly vykovyrivaj all flesh.

Tip: If the words «whole grain« no, just tkni in bread finger: the softer, less good for you. And it would be nice to find such information on the package: not less than3 grams of fiber and no more than 150 mg of salt on a hunch.


This ridiculous word called rye bread to leaven. He, by the way, not so heavy for the stomach, as variety, baked with the participation of ordinary yeast.

Bread from an ancient recipe

Today love to reminisce than indulging in ancient bakers and prepare loaves, for example, from spelt or barley. Some of these varieties do not contain gluten, if thisis for you.

Sprouted grain bread

Sprouted grainrecords on the content of antioxidants and vitamins.

Bun with seeds

A great way to add a bit more sandwich protein and good fats to eat faster.

By the way, screaming the word «enriched« on the label announced that bread made from the usual white flour with added vitamins. You do not need it.


Convenient Pocket for some healthy and delicious salad. In addition, one little pita bread is usually no more than 100 calories.

Rye muffin

He compactly wheaten long loaf and glycemic index below him. This helps to prevent blood sugar jumps that you, in particular, feel a sudden sense of dire hunger.

Tip: the bread does not need to be refrigeratedcoolness dehydrate bun, i.e. simply dries. And here you can freeze. But not longer than a month.

Instead of bread

The basis of the sandwich, once went this dance can be not only bread. Somethingno flour too amiss.

Salad leaves. The darker the Green, the more vitamins in it.
Slices of sweet pepper. All that is needed is to wash and clean up Bulgarian seeds.
Zucchini or cucumber. Cut lengthwise, vyskrebi seeds, fill in what you want.
Portobello mushroom caps. Similar to Burger buns, right?
Now you can decide which one to choose for bread Top 6 useful sandwiches
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