White Sauce Chicken in with corn souffle

White Sauce Chicken in with corn souffle

White Sauce Chicken in with corn souffle

White Sauce Chicken in with corn souffle


White Sauce Chicken in with corn souffle tasty and non-trivial main dishes, which will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.


For the chicken filling:

  • chicken baked or roasted — 250g
  • onion medium size — 2 pcs. (150 g)
  •  pickled gherkins — 100 g
  •  cream — 125 ml
  •  Wheat flour — 2 tbsp
  •  green onions — 1 small bunch
  •  Butter — 40 g
  •  sea salt, a mixture of pepper, Provencal herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, lovage) — to taste

For corn soufflé:

  • canned sweet corn — 250 g
  • medium onions — 1 pc.
  • butter (d / frying) — 30-40 g
  • mascarpone cheese — 100 g
  • semi-hard cheese such as Emmental — 40 g
  • chicken egg — 3 pieces
  • lemon juice — 2 tbsp
  • chili powder, salt — to taste
  • nutmeg powder — 1/2 tsp
  • crackers panirovachnye — 4 tbsp


Finely chop the meat, gherkins and onions. Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry the onion until transparent to the average heat, add the flour, lightly fry and stir with a wooden spoon, add the cream and cook for about 6 minutes.

Put in the meat sauce and onion chopped gherkins, add the Provence herbs and sea salt.Green onions finely chop and add to the stuffing. For the soufflé chopped onion and fry in butter until transparent, cool.

In a food processor, grind the corn, add fried onions, chicken egg yolks and mascarpone.Beat until smooth, add lemon juice, nutmeg, chilli and salt, if needed.

Semi-hard cheese rubbed on a coarse grater, put in a lot of corn. Separately, beat with a mixer chicken proteins in stable foam. Gently mix with cheese and corn ground.

Batch molds greased with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put first filling of chicken, and pour on top neatly corn soufflé. Sprinkle  chicken in white sauce with corn souffle with grated parmesan cheese on fine grater.

Bake the soufflé in heated to 375 F oven for 25 minutes, then 5 more minutes at 480 F. Before serving souffle a bit cool. Recipe of portion 6 is designed to form.

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