White Wine Veal

White Wine Veal

White Wine Veal

White Wine Veal


 White Wine Veal is best obtained from pieces with exactly the brain bone the so-called Ossobuco, Milanese food. Usually served with risotto Alla Milanese or with hot polenta, seasoned cheese. The recipe is not exactly a traditional carrot changes everything, but her sweetness here is very out of place.


  • 4 pieces of veal with brain bone — 1 kg
  • tomatoes — 500 g
  • carrots — 6 pieces
  • Red Onion — 2 pieces
  • celery stalks with leaves — 4 pieces
  • garlic — 4 cloves
  • dry white wine — 300 ml
  • olive oil — 2 tbsp
  • black pepper freshly ground — 1 pinch
  • sea salt — 1 pinch


Oven preheated to 356° f.

Peel the carrots and grate. Onions too clean and finely chop. Chop celery stalks and leaves separately. Garlic Peel and coarsely chop. Scald the tomatoes, remove from them the peel and finely chop.

In its severe form for baking heat olive oil and sauté the meat on both sides until golden brown. Put the meat on a platter, salt and pepper it.

Pour in the form of onion and garlic, FRY, then add carrots, stalks celery (leaves leave), tomatoes and wine. Put out a few minutes over high heat.

Return the meat to the form, cover its baking paper, push the cover and send it to2:00 in the preheated oven. For 10 minutes before end of cooking add the chopped celery leaves.

The White Wine Veal can be submitted Appetizer of Eggplant

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